Grassroots Organizing and Campaign Planning Webinar- March 2017

This webinar covers what happens before a campaign launch and focuses on the basic elements of campaign planning using a model that helped the Whatcom County community defeat North America’s largest coal export terminal at Cherry Point. The speaker covers how to identify goals and strategies for making measurable change on environmental issues, how to identify key targets and audiences with the power to actually make the world better, and discusses the development of objectives that help us reach those targets and audiences. In addition, the strategy workshop seeks to illuminate why some campaigns see success fairly quickly and effectively while others drag on or ultimately fail.

Karlee Deatherage is the Policy Analyst for the Clean Water Program at RE Sources for Sustainable Communities based in Bellingham, WA. Karlee develops policy and implements grassroots and grasstops campaigns to advocate at the local, county, and state levels for clean water.

Watch the Webinar

NWTCC webinar “Grassroots Organizing & Campaign Planning” from UW-SRP on Vimeo.

Presented by the Northwest Toxic Communities Coalition & the University of Washington Superfund Research Program.