Pediatric Lead Exposure Conference Update

Dr. Robert Colonna at the Community Lead Health project with families and children

Summary of June 21, 2024 Lead Health Conference

The Silver Valley Community Resource Center completes Pediatric Lead Exposure Diagnosis, Treatment conference at Bunker Hill Superfund site.

SVCRC began in January after discovery of the UW Center for Environmental Equity created with EPA funding for implementing best practices to reduce dangerous pollution in overburdened, vulnerable communities in advancing environmental justice began working with UW and the Pediatric, Environmental, Health Specialty Unit, PESHU.

Dr. Robert Colonna at the Community Lead Health project with families and children
Dr. Robert Colonna, Ph,D, with families who benefitted from comprehensive lead health intervention in the Bunker Hill Superfund site, Idaho.

It had been more than two decades since the first lead health education course, “Health Effects of Lead Exposure” was conducted by Dr. John Rosen, professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY. Throughout that time frame SVCRC worked closely with families, doctors, medical health care providers, the UW to established the Children Run Better Unleaded program at the Bunker Hill Superfund site.1 A 2003 lawsuit determined Idaho was not conducting adequate lead testing of children. Attorney Robert Huntley recommended a contempt of court be filed after 2 years as the court ruling was being ignored. SVCRC took the high road to put in place for the first time an Idaho Lead Oversight Committee that included many state departments including the Idaho Governor’s office, national lead health experts.

SVCRC throughout those years, continued to seek lead education assistance for the generations of lead poisoned children, former workers, residents with its grassroots outreach.

Barbara Miller, SVCRC Director

From all who attended they express appreciation for the opportunity to be more informed of correct methods set by Medicaid for lead testing laws, reporting in the nations largest lead site. SVCRC will be following up with requests for more technical support for future trainings. Hope to work more closely with local and State Health depts. The communities overwhelming demand for funding for the Community Lead Health Center is a priority.

Thank you to Dr. Markowitz, MD Director Lead Poisoning Prevention and Treatment Program, Children’s Hospital NY for providing Medicaid lead testing regulations below. For more information go to

This conference would not have been held without the additional work of Dr. Sue Moodie, Johns Hopkins, Dr. Bob Colonna, Ph.d, Dr. Stephen Gilbert .

For more information contact: Barbara Miller/SVCRC Director, CRBU, by email at svcomunityresourceceter@gmail.comnor by phone at 208-784-8891.

  1. The Bunker Hill Superfund site, Idaho is the nation’s largest lead site. A community wide health survey conducted by SVCRC revealed that 80% of 252 households would make use of a Community Lead Health Center. Funding to establish the CLHC is being pursued at this time. Anyone wanting to contribute can do so by contacting or by mailing a check to SVCRC/CRBU, PO Box 362, Kellogg, ID   83837. ↩︎

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