Bunker Hill Superfund: USDOJ Leaves Citizen Voices Out

2020 view of Osburn, Idaho, eastward across the South Fork Coeur d'Alene River floodplain, the Bunkerhill Superfund Site

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February 1, 2024

Contact Persons:
Jeanie Smith, SVCRC Member
Barbara Miller. SVCRC Director
Betty Belisle, CRBU Coordinator

Bunker Hill Superfund:

Hope and Solutions to Restore Environmental/Human Health End as the US Department of Justice Leaves Citizen Voices Out

(Kellogg, ID) The Bunker Hill Superfund site is the nation’s largest Superfund site with a century of lead and heavy metal mine waste.

1920 historic tailings view – Osburn, Idaho, eastward. Tailings Plank Dam in South Fork Coeur d’Alene River.
1920 historic tailings view from Osburn, Idaho eastward. Tailings Plank Dam in South Fork Coeur d’Alene River.

Meetings with the US DOJ and thousands of advocates and affected citizens living in and near the Bunker Hill Superfund site were held to resolve the failed cleanup of waste poisonous to the environment and human health. The purpose of the meetings was to listen to 35 yrs. of accumulated documentation that had been suppressed by the Environmental Protection Agency and its fellow agencies and look for solutions supported by citizens, science and data.

The purpose of meeting with the US/DOJ was to look for help resolving the exclusion of documentation and listen to solutions put forth by the community at large. This never happened! Once again, the community was deliberately left out while critical clean up and lead exposures continue to poison our children.

Barbara Miller, SVCRC Director

On Jan.16, 2024 the Office of Environmental Justice sent the following recommendations to the US/DOJ and EPA Region Ten:

  • Contacting Debra Sherbina, EPA Reg. Ten, BHSS Community Involvement representative to ask about the current community engagement process for the site and the procedures to raise site-related concerns and the solutions SVCRC wants implemented.
  • Contact Knight Sor, DOJ, Community Relations Service, to engage with SVCRC. The Justice office will convey that SVCRC asks that he, as a first step, agree to, “apologize to the community, acknowledging that he did not do what was right by SVCRC, the community at large, and advocates during the prior engagement with SVCRC”. And to begin immediate support for the two issues of reparation and environmental justice to the thousands of men, women and children, being exposed to and poisoned by lead, special attention to those living in the epicenter of the site, Kellogg, Smelterville, Page, and Wardner, Idaho.

SVCRC is awaiting word as to the recommendations, anyone wanting more information, to become involved please contact the SVCRC office by email svcommunityresourcecenter@gmail.com.

Learn more: Citizens of the Bunker Hill Superfund Site Demand Justice

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