Agency Seminar Series

The Agency Seminar Series is sponsored by the Research Translation Core of the University of Washington Superfund Research Program (UW-SRP) and promotes access to current scientific research related to Superfund prioritized chemicals and toxicants. The target audience is professionals working on environmental health and hazardous site issues. Various topics are covered in the series and video recordings are available below and on the UW SRP Vimeo site for viewing.

Choosing and Using Climate Change Scenarios for Impact Assessments and Climate Adaptation Decisions – Applications to the Pacific Northwest

Dr. Amy Snover, professor and director of Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington.

UW-SRP Agency Seminar Series at EPA Region 10- December 2014– Dr. Amy Snover from UW-SRP on Vimeo.

The Long-Term Impact of Metal Smelting Operations on Arsenic Availability in Urban Lakes of the South-Central Puget Sound Region

Presented by Jim Gawel, PhD, professor at University of Washington Tacoma and Co-Investigator for UW SRP Project Four, Arsenic in Shallow Unstratified and Seasonally Stratified Urban Lakes: Mobility, Bioaccumulation and Ecological Toxicity

UW-SRP Agency Seminar Series at EPA Region 10- June 2013– Dr. Jim Gawel from UW-SRP on Vimeo.

Predicting the Effects of Technology: When Risk Assessment is Risky

Presented by Dr. Ehrenfeld, founding editor of Conservation Biology and a Fellow of the American Association of the Advancement of Science

UW-SRP Agency Seminar Series at Region 10 EPA- May 2012–Dr. David Ehrenfeld from UW-SRP on Vimeo.

The New Science of Sophisticated Materials: Nanomaterials and Beyond

Presented by Dr.  Andrew Maynard, a leading authority on the responsible development and use of emerging technologies.

Dr. Maynard’s research interests span identifying, assessing and managing emergent risks, to exploring innovative solutions to established and emerging human health and environmental risks, to equipping people with the tools they need to make informed decisions in the face of risk and uncertainty.

UW-SRP Agency Seminar Series at Region 10 EPA- November 2011-Dr. Andrew Maynard from UW-SRP on Vimeo.