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Toxics Free Future

'Toxics Free Future' is a nonprofit organization which works to tackle toxic chemicals that involve complex science and systems. Our scientists bring the science of environmental health issues to the forefront to help policymakers, health advocates, and non-scientists make an impact. We strive to make complicated issues easy to understand for everyone. Toxic Free Future was previously known as Washington Toxics Coalition .

For the past 35 years, 'Toxics Free Future' (TFF) has been making a difference in the lives of families in Washington state and beyond. The unique combination of science and multi-faceted advocacy campaigns has established TFF, as a state and national leader in protecting public health and environment from harmful chemicals. In our first 30 years as Washington Toxics Coalition we had history of groundbreaking victories that protect human health and the environment in Washington State. Our goal is to eliminate the sources of toxic chemicals that threaten the health of Washingtonians and harm the environment using a strategic combination of original research, education, advocacy, media work, and organizing. We are proud of our recent accomplishments:

Toxic-Free Future advocates for the use of safer products, chemicals, and practices through advanced research, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and consumer engagement to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

  • winning the strongest standards in the nation restricting toxic chemicals in children’s products and creating a framework for regulating toxics in all consumer products;



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