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The Precautionary Group


The Precautionary Group was formed to investigate the adverse effects of Land-Applied Sewage Sludge and other toxic wastes on Cascade watersheds, essential agricultural lands and the greater Puget Sound ecosystem

The land application of Sewage Sludges in forests and on agricultural lands incites ecosystem disruption, degrades the natural environment, threatens sustainability, diminishes biodiversity and adversely affects human and environmental health.


The Precautionary Group is a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to investigating environmental issues that impact the forests, waters and agricultural lands of Washington State. The numbers and kinds of known or suspected pathogens, mutagens, carcinogens, genotoxins, immunotoxins, neurotoxins, teratogens, endocrine disrupting chemicals and other toxic chemicals and toxicants in Sewage Sludges compel us to protect human and environmental health, without irrefutable prior proof of risk or harm. Prevention of chronic disease must dominate all deliberations on the selection of technologies and methods that will be used for processing and disposal of Sewage Sludges and other toxic wastes.


Richard C. Honour, PhD, Executive Director

The Precautionary Group

19211  64th Place NE,

Kenmore, WA 98028-3380

(425) 772-1473