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Spokane Riverkeeper

Spokane Riverkeeper

For a Fishable and Swimmable Spokane River

Spokane Riverkeeper is a program of the Center for Justice, which is a Spokane-based, for-impact legal advocacy organization. Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect and restore the health the Spokane River watershed, and accomplishes that goal through collaborating, educating and when necessary litigating.  

Riverkeeper is a vigilant guardian of the Spokane River and its watershed and an effective advocate for the restoration and preservation of the river’s ecological health and aesthetic integrity.

As a member of the international Waterkeepers movement, Spokane Riverkeeper’s first priority, day-to-day, is to defend the river against pollution and polluters.

The long-term vision of Spokane Riverkeeper is to restore the river to its natural state, undiminished by human activities that cause pollution or divert water from the river.  Our mission recognizes that protecting the river and securing its future as an ecological and spiritual resource for the region is best secured by working with current allies and enlisting new allies in the causes to which we’re committed.

Core Objectives

  • To reduce the effect of human activity on the river and expedite the restoration of water quality and water quantity.
  • To be a force for institutional change among local and state decision makers and industrial river users to improve stream flows and water quality.
  • To educate and inspire citizens about the importance of river issues and the need for river protection.


Why? Because the Spokane River and its tributaries are in trouble

  • Legacy pollution from mining and other industrial activities
  • A culture of non-compliance of the Clean Water Act and other regulations
  • Health warnings about Spokane River fish
  • Dams that are impacting river flow and nutrient levels
  • Superfund cleanups
  • Untreated sewage and stormwater still entering the river and tributaries
  • ….and the list goes on

Here's what we're doing about it

  • Patrolling and Monitoring
  • Spokane Riverkeeper actively patrols and monitors the Spokane River and the tributaries as well as monitoring construction and industrial sites that could impact stormwater
  • Legal Action
  • We enforce the Clean Water Act through legal action.
  • Active Engagement
  • We pursue the Clean Water Act’s goals through active engagement with business, government agencies and citizens.
  • Governmental Involvement
  • We get involved at many levels of government and legislation to toughen pollution standards.
  • Business Partnerships
  • We create partnerships with business to help reduce pollution.



Spokane Riverkeeper
35 W. Main Ave,  Suite 300
Spokane WA 99207