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Safe Food and Fertilizer

Safe Food and Fertilizer, Quincy WA

Safe Food and Fertilizer was co-founded by former mayor Patty Martin; Jane Williams, former chairwoman of the Sierra Club’s Committee on Hazardous Waste and the Executive Director of California Communities Against Toxics, and Dr. Brian Lipsett, co-founder of the Environmental Background Information Center.  The trio recognized the need to establish an organization committed solely to this issue, in large part because of the complexity of the regulations governing it and because of its obvious consequence to human and ecological health.


Safe Food and Fertilizer is a grassroots citizens’ organization whose mission is to protect human health and the environment by advocating for a ban on the use of hazardous and other industrial wastes in fertilizer, soil amendments and animal feed.  Our goals are to seek the establishment of national standards protective of our most vulnerable populations, especially developing fetuses; to provide technical, regulatory, and educational assistance to organizations, individual and elected officials locally, nationally and internationally; and to ensure that laws governing waste product recycling -- and hazardous and solid waste disposal -- are enforced at the state, federal and international levels, litigating when necessary to seek compliance.

Safe Food and Fertilizer became a project of Earth Island Institute in December 2002. 


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Safe Food and Fertilizer
617 H St. SW
Quincy, WA  98848

(509) 787-4275