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Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, Seattle WA

Protecting the waters of Puget Sound now and for future generations

We are a team of dedicated staff and citizen volunteers whose mission is to stop pollution from entering Puget Sound. The Alliance uses the power granted to citizens to sue under provisions of the Clean Water Act of 1972 to stop polluters in their tracks.

The mission of Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is to protect and preserve Puget Sound by tracking down and stopping the discharge of toxic pollutants into its waters.

Why? Because Puget Sound is in trouble.
•    Declining fish populations and die-offs in Hood Canal
•    PCB’s in marine mammals
•    health warnings about Puget Sound salmon and shellfish
•    beaches closed to shellfish harvest
•    Superfund cleanups
…and the list goes on.

Here's what we're doing about it
•    Patrolling and Monitoring
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance actively patrols and monitors the waters of Puget Sound, the only environmental group to do so.
•    Legal Action
We enforce the Clean Water Act through legal action.
•    Active Engagement
We pursue the Clean Water Act’s goals through active engagement with business, government agencies and citizens.
•    Governmental Involvement
We get involved at many levels of government and legislation to toughen pollution standards.
•    Business Partnerships
We create partnerships with business to help reduce pollution.

Here's what you can do
•    Learn how to do your part to stop pollution.
•    Become informed about pollution.
•    Discover the beauty and richness of Puget Sound.
•    Join our team as a volunteer.
•    Give what you can to help protect Puget Sound now and for the future.

Contact Us:

5309 Shilshole Ave NW
Suite 215
Seattle WA 98107

206 297-7002