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People For Puget Sound

People For Puget Sound, Seattle WA Site: Puget Sound Contaminants: mercury, dioxin, PCB, PBDE, PFOA, metals, phthalates

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People For Puget Sound is a citizens' group established in 1991 to protect and restore the health of our land and waters through education and action. Our members, partners and volunteers are located throughout the Puget Sound basin.
Our vision is a clean and healthy Sound teeming with fish and wildlife.

We will accomplish this by:
Eliminating contamination of the Sound and Straits
Halting the destruction of natural habitats and restoring those habitats to health
Sustaining the Sound and Straits as a healthy source of people's livelihood, enjoyment and renewal

People For Puget Sound's Key Programs:

Sound Stewardship

Safeguarding Shorelines

Alliance for Puget Sound Shorelines

The Puget Sound 2020 Action Agenda

Preventing Oil Spills

Managing Stormwater and Restoring Our Urban Bays

Toxics in Puget Sound

Eliminating polluting septic systems

Education and Involvement  



Heather Trim, Urban Bays and Toxics Program Manager

911 Western Ave, Suite 580

Seattle, WA  98104

Phone:  206.382.7007 X215

Fax:  206.382.7006