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Olympic Environmental Council (OEC)

Olympic Environmental Council. Sequim, WA. Site: Rayonier Mill Hazardous Waste Cleanup Contaminants: Dioxins, PCB, PAH, Heavy Metals


The Olympic Environmental Council is a non-profit organization based on the North Olympic Peninsula that works on issues related to the environment and health that affect our North Olympic Peninsula communities.

In 1996-7 we formed a coalition with local and western WA organizations, the Rayonier Hazardous Waste Cleanup Project - Olympic Environmental Council Coalition.  We then petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assess the Rayonier Mill site, the adjoining Strait sediments and three industrial landfills owned or used by Rayonier, Inc.

When, in 2000, it was agreed that the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) would oversee the cleanup, the Olympic Environmental Council received grants from Ecology to do public outreach and education about cleanup actions and our work.  Some of our outreach and education involves reviewing and commenting on cleanup documents, explaining technical data in language comprehensible to the public which we then distribute, giving presentations to organizations and citizens, holding forums, and participating in fairs in order to disseminate information about the cleanup.



  • Full public access to this site.  A public park that will offer many amenities.   This is the single area that would allow significant public access to the shoreline and an opportunity to do 21st century shoreline management.  
  • Restoring the area to its former environment – shoreline, wetlands, flood plains, creek health is a quality fit with WA State’s plan to clean up, restore and protect Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  •  Using the site to teach about and promote our regional environment, cultural history, the local arts and recreation will be advantageous to developing green jobs, keeping our area healthy, and attracting tourism to match that of our B.C. neighbors.  This attraction will help visitors to realize the area’s many other attractions and services.

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