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Lake Roosevelt Forum

Lake Roosevelt Forum, Spokane WA

LRF logoThe Lake Roosevelt Forum's mission is to: establish a dialog based on trust and respect of all views that seek common ways to protect and preserve the quality of the environment and enhance the quality of life as they relate to the lake and economies of the region.


The backdrop for Forum activities is the unique and distinct needs of Lake Roosevelt, which resulted from creating a reservoir to support operational capacity at Grand Coulee Dam. Two Indian tribes, federal agencies, state agencies and four counties have specific interests in the management of the lake. Individually and collectively, they seek to meet a diverse set of environmental, economic and cultural needs. 2006 saw the Forum continue to successfully engage in a set of public outreach activities intended to further strengthen collaboration and cooperation among the many stakeholders with interests in and around Lake Roosevelt.



2206 S. Sherman
Spokane, WA 99203