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Heart of America Northwest

Heart of America Northwest, Hanford Superfund Site, HOANW Site: Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump Contaminants: Plutonium, Uranium, Tritium, Strontium 90, Cesium 137, Technetium 99, Iodine 129, Carbon tetrachloride, Chloroform, Dichloromethane, Hexone, Methylcyclohexane, Perchloroethylene, Phthalates, 1,1,1- Trichloroethane, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Nickel, Mercury


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Heart of America Northwest's mission is to: advance our region's quality of life, by protecting the region from Hanford's spreading contamination and other hazardous or nuclear waste risks, through highly credible research, education, and participation of citizens in issues affecting the health, environment, and economy of the Northwest. Our mission includes educating and training college, university and law students to be active citizens and effective advocates for the environment.



Heart of America Northwest, The Public's Voice for Hanford Cleanup! Your source for information about the cleanup of Hanford and  nuclear waste, your voice to stop use of Hanford as a national radioactive waste dump, and for clean energy that doesn’t add more nuclear waste and risks. We are a 16,000 member citizens' group providing comprehensive advocacy through research, grassroots organizing, and legal and lobbying efforts in the Northwest and nationally for:

  •  timely and thorough cleanup of the most contaminated area in the western hemisphere: the Hanford Nuclear Reservation;
  • protecting the Northwest and Columbia River from the threat of using Hanford as a national radioactive and radioactive hazardous waste dump
  • our federal lawsuit to overturn USDOE's decision to dump more waste at Hanford;
  • a safe and clean energy future to reduce global warming without creating more nuclear waste.

Our award winning "Citizens' Guides" are mailed to members with the information needed to assist the public in effectively commenting and organizing on major Hanford cleanup and waste dump issues, and related issues.


1314 NE 56th Street, STE 100
Seattle, WA 98105

Exec. Direc: Gerry Pollet,
Office Manager: Rachel Shierling,