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Citizens for a Healthy Bay

Citizens for a Healthy Bay, Tacoma WA Site: South Central Commencment Bay, Puyalup Watershed, NPDS permit review, operate full-time patrol boat, pollution hotline, community based restoration Contaminants: Heavy Metals, Dioxins, PCB, PAH, (over 70)

Citizens for a Healthy Bay was founded in 1990 to represent the people of Tacoma in the Superfund cleanup of Commencement Bay, which was then one of the most polluted bodies of water in the entire country.  Citizens for a Healthy Bay took on the mission of representing and giving a voice to the citizens of Tacoma at meetings, forums and planning sessions which brought together local, state and federal government agencies, businesses and industry groups to find the most effective methods for cleaning up the polluted bay.   

Citizens for a Healthy Bay then took on the mission of leading in the restoration of contaminated parcels of land along both sides of the Bay.  CHB’s Adopt-A-Wildlife-Area (AAWA) program was established as the organizational hub for a diverse band of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the expanding corridor of restored sites that provide valuable wildlife habitat but are too small to be self-sustaining.  CHB and its volunteers remove all kinds of invasive weeds, plant native trees and shrubs, clean up litter and debris and monitor the ongoing recovery and health of the land.

Along with its cleanup and restoration activities, Citizens for a Healthy Bay recognized the need to represent and involve the people of Tacoma in protecting the bay and our surrounding waters and habitat from further pollution.  The Bay Patrol program was established and CHB staff began patrolling the bay and the south Puget Sound area investigating pollution hotline reports and working with the City, the State and the Coast Guard to enforce pollution control laws.  CHB also started a highly popular Clean Boating program to educate boaters and marina operators about the best methods to avoid polluting the water.  Citizens for a Healthy Bay has grown to become one of the most effective and respected nonprofit environmental groups in the Puget Sound region.   CHB’s mission has always remained the same, though: to represent and engage citizens in cleaning up, restoring and protecting Commencement Bay, surrounding waters and our natural habitat.


Citizens for a Healthy Bay
917 Pacific Ave, Suite 100
Tacoma, WA 98407
(253) 383-2429

Water Pollution Hotline (253) 255-3895

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