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Willamette Riverkeeper

Willamette Riverkeeper, Portland OR

Willamette Riverkeeper:

Their mission is described as: to protect and restore the Willamette River. We believe that a river with good water quality and abundant natural habitat is a basic public right.



Founded in 1996, Willamette Riverkeeper is the only organization dedicated solely to the protection and restoration of the Willamette River. Our efforts with regard to the improvement of habitat and water quality on the Willamette have made us the leading organization when it comes to Willamette River issues.

Willamette Riverkeeper operates under the principle of the Public Trust Doctrine, which dates back to the Magna Carta, and reflects a deep held belief that is embodied in modern environmental laws like the Clean Water Act, that our rivers belong to all of us and should be protected as such. While one may own the land next to the river, one cannot own the river itself. Resources like the Willamette River should be protected from harm, pollution, and habitat destruction, for the entire public. The public should be able to experience a clean river that poses no threat to their health, or the health of wildlife. 

Willamette Riverkeeper belongs to a network of Riverkeeper organizations that work toward similar goals across the country. United under the Waterkeeper Alliance, Willamette Riverkeeper's progress on the Willamette River is amplified by the succes of other Riverkeeper groups on 165 other rivers, bays, inlets and other waterbodies.


To watch video presentations by Willamette Riverkeeper on information on Portland Harbor Superfund site:

Willamette River Superfund 101 Part 1: 

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1515 SE Water Ave. #102
Portland, OR 97214

Phone 503.223.6418