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Organizing People Activating Leaders (OPAL)

OPAL is an organization which helps persons of low-income and color to be empowered towards social action. They work on grassroots organizing around hazardous waste issues.

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OPAL is a community based organization working to engage, educate, and empower low-income communities and communities of color through direct action and grassroots organizing.



OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon is a community organizing and advocacy organization working with low-income and communities of color to educate, engage and empower.  Our work is focused primarily in East Multnomah County, with social action at the city, county, metro, state and federal level as necessary to achieve our objectives.

We have worked specifically in neighborhoods that experience high poverty and a disproportionate burden of the environmental problems such as bad air, asthma, contaminated brownfields, poor infrastructure and public transportation, food deserts, and environmental toxins such as lead poisoning. 



2407 SE 49th Ave (corner Division)

Portland, OR 97206