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Josiah Hill III Clinic

 Josiah Hill Clinic


Josiah Hill III Clinic's mission is to protect children from environmental hazards and promote community action for healthy homes.


Josiah Hill III Clinic (JHC) was founded in honor of Josiah Hill III, a community organizer, board member of Oregon Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), and a physician assistant. In the early nineties, he became aware of an alarmingly high presence of lead poisoning, especially in small children in the N/NE Portland area.



JHC provides mobile blood lead testing clinics, as well as screening onsite by appointment for children ages six month through 6, including pregnant women and nursing mothers.  Testing is free and targeted at communities at higher risks for lead poisoning due primarily to poverty and age of housing.  The goal is to educate highest-risk communities about the dangers of lead poisoning and empower them by providing lead poisoning prevention education. Other environmental health services include: Healthy Homes Workshops, Community Advocacy & Leadership, Health Promoter & Provider Education, and Internship programs



Charles A. McGee, II, Executive Director

5018 NE 15th Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97211

Phone: (503) 802.7389