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Safe Air for Everyone

Safe Air for Everyone, Sandpoint ID, agricultural field burning, particulate matter, carcinogens

safe air logoSAFE, a grassroots coalition made up of ordinary citizens and community leaders, supports the physicians' bold stand.



Safe Air For Everyone was formed in 2001 in Sandpoint, Idaho after grass burning caused air pollution so thick that it shut down the Emergency Room at Bonner General Hospital, set off smoke alarms in local homes, and impacted the health of thousands of residents. Local Physicians penned a letter to the local grass-growers association demanding a stop to this dangerous practice and then they formed SAFE. In Idaho, we've tracked at least 9 deaths directly related to the practice of agricultural field burning. State and Federal regulators did nothing to end this public health threat, so SAFE went to work, proposing political settlements and filing lawsuits to stop the harm.

In 2007, we won a significant court challenge and stopped all agricultural burning statewide. From that time, we worked with growers, state and federal regulators as well as public health advocates to create a new State Implemenation Plan under the Clean Air Act that will protect public health.

The purpose of SAFE is to protect the health of area citizens by ending grass field burning in North Idaho.



Patti Gora-McRavin
P.O. Box 1149
Sandpoint, ID 83864 

Phone: (208) 301-2828