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Understanding Toxics: Resources from Dr. Steven Gilbert

Dr. Steven Gilbert from the Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders

Dr. Steven Gilbert - Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders

Dr. Steven Gilbert

Director and Founder of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders (INND), Seattle, Washington. INND is a non-profit (501(c)3 institute dedicated to research and education in the neuroscience's.

Dr. Gilbert consults and lectures on issues related to toxicology, drug development and bioethics. He is available for speaking engagements on toxicology, stem cells, drug development, and bioethics. He is particularly interested in making toxicology and biomedical research accessible to the public and policy makers.

Dr. Gilbert was a guest speaker at the NWTCC Spring Summit in April 2009.



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Precautionary Principle & Assessment (PPT)



Precautionary Assessment: Getting Out of the Risk Assessment Box (PDF)