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What is our Purpose?

The purposes of the NWTCC


To cleanup, prevent, reduce, and eliminate toxic exposures to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability for effected communities;

To ensure toxic site cleanups that are protective of human health, environmental and cultural resources, and traditional practices and lifestyles;

To empower marginalized communities and populations to achieve cleanup goals;

To ensure toxic site cleanups that benefit and are accepted by impacted communities and the public;

To ensure and support the scientific and technical integrity of the toxic site studies, decisions and cleanups;

To ensure that toxic site cleanups meet the highest environmental and human health standards;

To promote full participation in all levels of decision-making, and improve access to information for impacted communities and the public in all toxic cleanup actions;

To identify and link communities working for toxic site cleanups, in order to achieve national parity, knowledge-sharing and support for each others cleanup efforts;

To identify, leverage, and share information and resources to support individual groups' efforts to clean up toxic sites.

To increase oversight, involvement, and leadership among affected people in order to serve the public interest and environmental health and justice;