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Superfund Research Program

Superfund Research Program (SRP)

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The Superfund Research Program (SRP) is made up of a network of university grants funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  SRP research is designed to seek solutions to the complex health and environmental issues associated with the nation's hazardous waste sites. 

The research focus of the Univ
ersity of Washington SRP is 'Effects-related Biomarkers of Environmental Neurotoxic Exposures'.  The federally funded SRP asks that scientific findings and information on product developments are shared with the public, peer investigators and state and federal agencies.  This communication and outreach is done through Research Translation Core (RTC). The University of Washington RTC works with communities concerned about hazardous waste sites and shares research findings from the University of Washington and other sources with a range of stakeholders.  Examples of RTC support include: educational tours of Superfund sites, UW lab tours, co-sponsorship of public meetings and co-development of risk communication materials.

The RTC support has been valuable to NWTCC to help aid member organizations in their efforts to educate, coordinate events and protect the health of community members.  NWTCC has held annual summits and developed a website thanks in part to the generosity of the University of Washington Superfund Research Program . 

For the latest research from the UW- SRP, go to UW Research Summaries


To view the letter that was sent for the public comment on Superfund Community Engagement to EPA on May 2013.  Please click here.