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The Northwest Toxic Communities Coalition (NWTCC) brings together about 40 organizations from the Pacific Northwest states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska) who are working to clean up toxic sites that are jeopardizing the health of their communities.  Some are isolated in rural areas and tribal nations, some have no financial resources and strained community relationships, especially in areas where the polluters are also the main employer.  Others are in cities, often in poor neighborhoods, living with the remnants of past industrial waste of their waterways and ongoing pollution of local manufacturing plants.

Although the physical circumstances of these small and diverse grassroots organizations are different, their similarities are strong.  They are all working hard to better the health of their communities, are often isolated and underfunded, and limited in their efforts because of little community support and volunteering.  The Northwest Toxic Communities Coalition provides support and expertise to empower these organizations to continue in their efforts of protecting their communities from toxic waste.